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12 Pieces Of Positivity

As summer reluctantly makes way for Autumn I thought I’d take a cue from the blue skies of London and collate some of my favourite things to look upon as the mornings turn colder and the evenings get darker. Here are 12 pieces of positivity that, hopefully, will raise a smile and provide some light relief. For optimum results pair with tea and cake.

I now challenge you, yes you reading this, to in turn compile your 12 positive pieces. Follow the same format as me or mix it up however you see fit. Just be sure to comment and let me know where I can see the finished list.

So, without further ado, press play, read away and allow fluffy seals to help cure any dismay.

This song-

This gif-

Shark Cat Roomba

This seal-

Happy Seal

This recipe-

Delia Smith’s Chicken & Leek Pie. I scream, you scream, we all scream for THE WORLD’S BEST COMFORT FOOD

This Buzzfeed list-

This video-

This blog post-

Namely one for the actors but it makes me laugh out loud. Every time. Sometimes all you need is the reassurance other people feel your pain/are able to voice the witty responses you haven’t mustered up the courage for yet.

This drink-

It’s funnest drink you can consume (that doesn’t later affect memory and/or state of well being.)


This travel destination-

I would drop everything to go here quicker than you can say “She’s stolen all the Lemurs”

Jumping Lemurs In Madagascar

This event-

Two years ago I got to witness this in person and I still regard it as some of my happiest hours.

A classic pig pug from 2012
A classic pig pug from 2012

This quote-

NY Dreams

This old photo-

Because sometimes, it is the looking back that helps you remember how far you’ve come.

First Plane Ride


And there you have it, 12 pieces of positivity to smile upon for years to come. Doesn’t that feel better?

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  1. This song (my absolute favourite):
    This book (very helpful in times of need):
    This photo (everyone is happy):
    This photo (sorry!)
    This musical (heart warming):
    This animal (squeal alert)
    This quote:
    This food:
    This Buzzfeed list:
    This collection of videos:
    This. Because the French always say it better:
    This from Arcade Fire (works best in Google Chrome and is just utterly wonderful, but may induce homesickness – I cried.)

    (I hope these turn in to links when I click send…)

    1. Charli says:

      This is amazing! That Buzzfeed made me laugh a lot. X

  2. Couldn’t quite make 12, but here is a start:

    1. Sunday mornings – with poached eggs
    2. Silly sayings that only your bestie understands
    3. Discovering awesome need restaurants like The Diner in Spitalfields Market – we had a craving, it was good
    4. Hot summer days
    5. Crisp sunny winter mornings
    6. Cheese

    1. Charli says:

      Can’t wait to read the next six 😉

  3. 1. A shiny new conker, freshly peeled from it’s prickly casing
    2. Really dark chocolate
    3. The first glimpse of a new hotel room, before anyone’s bounced on the bed
    4. The first bounce on a hotel bed
    5. Blue skies and a hard frost
    6. Blue skies, hot sun and a breeze (aka Hairdryer weather)
    7. Where the carpet meets the skirting board
    8. ‘Year of the Cat’ Al Stewart
    9. Horse’s Breath (not a paint)
    10. When I’ve got all my sisters with me
    11. Christmas trees
    12. My Boy

    1. Charli says:

      Currently listening to number 8 in the midst of (another) bout of thunder thinking about what a lovely list this is! Must go conker hunting this weekend…

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