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Winter Walking at Hampstead Heath

Somewhere between the cheer of Christmas and momentum to make things memorable for New Year’s Eve, we found ourselves wrapped up and wandering amongst the trees and jumper-adorned dogs at Hampstead Heath.

Armed with a few new (as in, 30 years old but newly acquired) camera lenses to test out and the desire to simply be outside, we moved through frosted mud and beams of sunlight as golden hour descended on one of my favourite spots in London. Since leaving the north 3 and a bit (eek) years ago, the hills of Hampstead have been swapped for the grounds of Greenwich. Taking full advantage of quiet roads and no congestion charge, we made our way through the mainly empty streets to spend an afternoon embracing lots of our favourite things which include but are not limited to togetherness, making Tom pose for photos he does not want to be in and that excitement that comes with wearing every single new item of clothing you received for Christmas.

Oh and dogs. I was largely outside for the dogs and am pleased to report the people of Hampstead did not let us down with their canine offerings.

Here’s a selection of the photographic evidence to peruse/prove (mainly to myself) I did actually do something other than consume cheese and eat wine during those final few days of 2016.

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to the adventures to come…

imgp2685 imgp2780 imgp2687 imgp2690 imgp2730 imgp2712 imgp2696 imgp2699 imgp2706 imgp2822 imgp2816 imgp2824 imgp2841 imgp2843



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  1. Lovely pics C&T xxx

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