Giving thanks


Happy Turkey Day, ya’ll!

My (off) Off Broadway debut!

It’s one thing to get cast in a school production. It’s another thing entirely to get cast in a school production at an acting school in New York with an amazing professional team.

Suffice to say, I’m thrilled. My days have suddenly got a lot fuller but to be honest, I prefer that way. Less time to sit around thinking about doing things and more time made to actually do them.

Altogether now… “Concrete jungle where dreams are maaaaade of”


Diary Of A Placard Bearer

So one of the more exciting things I’ve done recently was take part in both the Opening and Closing ceremonies of London 2012 as an Olympic placard bearer. I first made this video diary as a personal project, just to commemorate the experience and help cure the “post Olympic blues” that followed in the days after it had all finished.

After getting some rather lovely feedback I thought I’d share it with the world- something of an insight into what really happened behind the scenes of the greatest show on earth. Enjoy.