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First days, plays and Craiglist…oh my

Terrible effort on my behalf for not updating this sooner. I will write a full round up of my wonderful first week soon when I have photos to demonstrate exactly how beautiful this city can be if you’re in the right place.

Sadly I’m currently not in the right place so all potential writing time is being spent on Craigslist which, if you’re not familiar with it, is like the centre for all Americans (regardless of their capacity to string a sentence together) to congregate and advertise, well, anything really. I seem to have found myself in the less desirable part of Brooklyn and my life right now currently resembles a bizarre mash up of what would happen if you took Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and put her into 8 Mile. Or something equally “street.” The search for my ideal Carrie Bradshaw/Serena & Blair lifestyle continues.

In other news it was my official first day today. I am exhausted. 4 hours of method acting followed by  4 hours of Film & TV acting has left me more than ready for bed by 8pm. I already have 1 play to read and 2 monologues to learn, not to mention an abundance of new names and faces to remember as well as trying to find my way around a new city, as well as school. I constantly feel like I’m floating around in the opening of Fame The Musical..”Acting is the hardest profession in the world”  etc.

Oh and just as a disclaimer, my real rock and roll NYC cocktail infused lifestyle will begin next week. Yep. More exciting updates will follow rather than my desire for 12 hours sleep. Promise.

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