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Adopting a cat from Celia Hammond

HUGE NEWS. After years of asking, my dreams (or at least the feline based ones) have come true. We are now proud cat owners.



If you follow me on Twitter you’ll be well acquainted with our new addition Persephone (of Greek mythology fame) who we brought home from Celia Hammond in Canning Town on Saturday. She’s a little tabby with an adorably Egyptian looking face and the friendliest of dispositions. Predictably, I’m in love.


You’ll remember last month we went to Battersea for their feline lonely event. Little did I know the next day Tom had planned to visit our local Celia Hammond rescue centre so we could experience their open day and start the process of adoption. We went along to the Lewisham branch which is a convenient 10 minute walk from home and after admiring some of their lovely cats arranged to be contacted for a home visit.


The home visit was essentially a chat with one of their staff members who gave us lots of valuable information and top tips on kitty keeping. After she had assessed our suitability and filed our report we were then free to visit the centre again to “choose” which, in case you wondering, is every bit as tricky as it sounds. When you have no real preference on, well, anything the choice is made even harder which is why it took us two trips to different branches to finally come away with our new cat friend. In the end I let Tom have the final decision because, let’s be honest, I was never going to be the fussy one in this situation. The whole process in total took about a month with much Celia Hammond website stalking, Pets At Home shopping and cat based dreams happening in the mean time.


Celia Hammond do so much good work and I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re thinking about getting a pet do give them a chance- they deserve all the support they can get and there’s never been a better time to adopt not shop.


After all, how could you not want to give a home to a face like this?!


Practically purrfect in every way.

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  1. lovely cat and beautiful story, i always give kudos to all people who adopt pet from rescue center 🙂

  2. Persephone looks as though she has an ‘old soul’, bless her; she must be very happy to have found you both xxx

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