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Last month I fell in love with Bali. From the food and the culture, the beaches and bars; this little slice of Indonesia eased my mind and captured my heart.

While the blog posts are still a work in progress, I do have some Bali travel vlogs that will hopefully suffice for now. If a picture speaks 1000 words then let’s just go ahead and say a video speaks for five times that. Our journey took us from London to Bali via Doha and you can watch exactly how the rest of it unfolds below.

Since the success of the original Interrailing video (and it’s unexpected ever increasing view count), I’ve been using my YouTube channel as an extension of the blog to share some of my favourite travels and times. Come and follow along on there too to be the first to see exactly what we’ve been up to.

(And then like, subscribe, tell your friends, link me cat videos, etc.)

For now, here’s Bali. I can’t wait to share more stories soon.



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