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My main mission for today was to source a costume for my Spring Awakening scene at school. To those unfamiliar with the play, this essentially means I was looking for a 19th Century German style dress in the middle of 21st Century America. Right. Despite a couple of potential contenders, unsurprisingly I all but failed on my mission. However, somewhere in the midst of assessing appropriate hem and neck lines I realised I had been  converted to a new found joy- thrift store shopping.

I ventured to Beacon’s Closet on 13th Street with two fabulously fashionable friends, Lareina and Natalie. Now my previous conception of stores such as this from the UK is that they sell supposedly “vintage” clothing at far too high a price, catering for any hipster willing to buy into it. Oh how New York OWNS London on this one. These thrift stores are incredible. Genuinely cool, retro clothes and that are actually affordable. Really!

Exhibit A.)

My newly acquired silk blouse that after a bit of research, I’ve learnt comes from Dolan- an up and coming LA design house. Looking at the other items available on Anthropolgie I can hazard a guess that this shirt would usually retail for somewhere around $70/80. Today I got it for $20.

Exhibit B.) Has no photo. I will say only that it is a jumper. A jumper with cats on. For $13. I am so happy.

In further thrilling news, today I ate some amazing spicy coconut chicken noodle broth concoction from a great place on Union Sq called Republic. I also had another wonderful rehearsal with the equally wonderful cast/crew of How I Learned To Drive. I then got home and was kept entertained by some (slightly inebriated) male friends from Strasberg trying to do their best British accents for me on the phone. The weather is bitterly cold (I’m in serious need of appropriate winter clothes) but constantly finding warmth in moments from this new life is keeping me more than content.

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