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Hampton Court Palace | Photo Diary

Formerly the home of King Henry VIII and now a place for peaceful retreat and picnics, Hampton Court Palace provides the perfect escape from Central London.

There’s something captivating about historical palaces and so with no real agenda on an iridescent, January day we decided to visit for an afternoon of winter walks. Taking advantage of the off peak ticket prices, we whiled away the hours successfully completing the maze, befriending roaming geese and taking a self guided tour of the palace. Along the way, feeling very much like an Alice in her own Wonderland expecting to stumble across an elaborate tea party, we admired the succinctly shaped trees, perfectly manicured gardens and world’s largest vine.

Walking amongst the history at Hampton Court Palace is so much more beneficial than reading about it although as we stood over the fire in the King’s kitchen, memories of year 4 Tudor lessons did come flooding back. Divorced, beheaded, died; it was definitely a worthwhile excursion to get a real sense of some classic British historical figures…and admire their gardens.

A destination for all seasons, Hampton Court Palace is easily accessible from London and certainly a Wonderland to visit. Next time I return I think I’ll do so in the summer- armed with a picnic basket and ready to raise a glass to the royals of yesteryear.

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  1. Hi,

    I used to live just down the road from Hampton court, in Sunbury on Thames. Now living in Hampshire.


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