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DIY Easter Centrepiece

Well March has well and truly sprung itself upon us. What better way to honour the beginning of a new season and all its festivities than with an abundance of bunnies and a flourish of flowers in a DIY Easter Centrepiece.

I love nothing more than creating a seasonal tablescape and so when Thorntons got in touch asking if I’d accept an Easter challenge to incorporate one of their eggs into such an affair I was certainly ready to crack on. Ahem.

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Easter Bunnies

Pastel Paper Straws

Decorative Eggs

From pastels to prints, I raided the house for anything remotely springlike to construct my table centrepiece as well as buying a few seasonal extras for effect. Thinking ahead to when we host friends over the coming weekends, I centred the display around a crate draped in material that can accommodate anything from Easter snacks to decorative flowers. We usually place a drinks dispenser on top of the crate for parties and so I’m sure that too will soon make an appearance to accompany the almost too-pretty-to-use paper straws.

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In the meantime I made the star of the show my chosen Thorntons festive white chocolate bunny who is currently enjoying perching upon another egg shaped treat covered in sprinkles. It’s the ultimate bunny throne. When the time comes for him to step down I’m sure a cake will happily take his place continuing the ever vicious circle of visible edible decorations.

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Inner Pinterest Queen of course returned to her favourite source for inspiration of varying attainable degrees and discovered these mini egg filled jars/vases which were too do-able to ignore. Probably arguably less effective once your mini egg based restraint has been pushed to its limits but they certainly make for a good photo (/fleeting memory).

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Adding to my apparently ever growing collection of (largely redundant) mini egg holding devices, is this bunny that I picked up a couple of years ago from Tiger. I enjoy the few weeks of the year he is allowed down from the top shelf of the bookcase and back into the chocolatey spotlight he deserves.

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And there we have it; a DIY Easter Centrepiece that incorporates a touch of spring with a chocolate centre. My dining table certainly feels like a happier place and I’ve got at least a month’s worth of “but I NEED mini eggs for my display” based justifications at my disposal.

It’s going to be a very hoppy Easter indeed.

*Thank you to Thorntons for supplying me with me their Easter bunny to stare at longingly until it’s acceptable to eat him.

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