Nice Times

A Branston BBQ

Because nothing says “summer” like bringing out the BBQ…and the Branston.

It was with a sense of intrigue and preempted hunger that I swiftly RSVPd yes to an invite to said Branston BBQ that came my way a few weeks ago. The event was being hosted down the road in Peckham at The London BBQ school which made for even more incentive. You can’t say no to relishing (here we go) in a BBQ when it’s a mere 20 minute bus journey away.

IMGP1724 IMGP1689

Along with a group of bloggers and other invited guests (including my trusty meat-eating assistant for the night, Tom) we gathered under the railway arches and festoon lights in downtown Peckham.

IMGP1687 IMGP1693 IMGP1690

Greeted by London BBQ School staff and ambassadors for Branston, we learned about the impressive cooking devices (they got very hot) and all the ways we can enjoy everyone’s favourite range of condiments which include but are not limited to: in toasties, on burgers, as a cheese board accompaniment and with a spoon out of a jar (one of these methods has not been Branston endorsed).

IMGP1726 IMGP1695

We learned that we would be creating several recipes throughout the evening using pre-determined ingredients and, most excitingly, pre-chopped vegetables. Assembling coleslaw with pre-sliced cabbage never felt so good and I can still feel excitement when I think about that pre-diced avocado. Thanks to the chefs we certainly wouldn’t be getting in a pickle (there it is) when it came to salad assembly.

IMGP1709 IMGP1701

IMGP1715Between us, Tom and I made some tasty mushroom burgers, beef wraps and chicken tacos all finished with a variety of salads and dressings. Branston’s range was suitable for marinating, mixing and generally making everything taste that little bit better.

IMGP1739 IMGP1732 IMGP1735 IMGP1742

Honourable mentions go to the blue cheese coleslaw which is something we’ve already recreated and the Tex-Mex tacos which were marinated to perfection in pickle, honey and soy sauce.


IMGP1683Thanks to Branston for hosting a wonderful evening. I’m looking forward to branching out when it comes to using their condiments and squeezing in all the Branston and BBQs we can before the summer ends.

You can find all the recipes we used throughout the evening  here:

Sticky Pork Chops

Tex-Mex Chicken Tacos

Grilled Mushroom Cheese Burger

Beef Brisket Wraps 

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