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This time last year I had just been shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award. Today I’m three weeks away from opening my first play in London as a lead role under my own company. Turns out this time of year is often an exciting one.

Any avid readers (hi Mum) would have noticed that the blog content has run dry over the last couple of months. I can assure you I’m very much still here and possibly busier than ever. Except right now there’s much less travelling, socialising and seeking out restaurants going on and much more rehearsing, line learning and general production making.

It is wonderful.

What A Nice Production are presenting the London professional premiere of the award-winning play In Love And Warcraft at Theatre N16 in November. With the help of some incredible people, we have created something that I am already so, so proud of. And we haven’t even started piecing the play together yet. The last five months have been every bit as challenging and fulfilling as I hoped they would be and as we creep ever closer to opening night, I feel (mostly) nothing but excitement that we are getting to share this incredible piece of theatre with London. The play’s the thing. And this play is everything. It’s sharp, funny, intelligent, relevant and oh so relatable. The six of us actors involved are playing characters that reflect our age, interests and circumstances and every single role is stand out. There’s no underwritten female bit parts going on here. It’s female lead while still exploring all kinds of relationships, friendships and the struggles of navigating through life both on and offline in the 21st Century.

Want to know more?

We’ve utilised vlogging and social media as best we can throughout this process so far. This play is all about life online. So that’s exactly where we’ve taken our marketing. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for all the content we’ve created so far.

OH and here’s another thing that’s happening. We’re performing at Comic Con!


We’ll be on the Silver Stage at 11am on Sunday 30th October giving an exclusive first look at the play and taking part in a Q&A. If you’re going please say hello. And maybe sit in the audience and clap a bit.

So that’s what’s happening. I’ll definitely write more about the experience of taking the lead (in several senses) once everything’s over but for now I’ll leave you with this ticket link and the assurance that any and all support would be more than gratefully received. Buy a ticket, share with someone who might be interested or send cute cat videos for me to look at during the day of our get in/tech/dress/opening. Every little helps.

It’s been a huge leap of faith to do this all on our own. I can’t wait to continue the journey over the next few weeks.

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  1. ???? not long to go now!!! xxx ????

  2. Very proud of you .
    Hope the rest of the planning and rehearsals go well.
    Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour at N16 x

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