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InterRailing 2014

For the last year Tom and I have speculated, dreamed, researched, debated and dreamed some more about making the ultimate European trip this summer. Finally during a wet January post-Paris slump we could wait no longer. Hotels were booked, reservations were made and our adventure suddenly seemed to leap off the pages of a travel guide and into our calendar. InterRailing 2014. With a month to go the excitement is verging on ridiculous and I am positively itching to board a plane and go. The New York days seem far too long ago and I’m not very good at not having an unfamiliar experience to look forward to.

InterRailing, especially at the still “youthful” age of 25, must without a doubt be the best way to see so many incredible places in a short amount of time. As someone who at one point was probably single handedly funding First Great Western I have learned to love nothing more than watching the world go by from the comfort of a carriage. Something tells me the lines of the continent will provide scenery far more aesthetically pleasing than that of the Swindon-London tracks and the idea of a spending a night on the sleeper train from Amsterdam to Prague thrills me.

Our route is actually pictured below. Over two weeks (sadly working commitments prevent this from being an everlasting trip) we’ll take in the sights and sounds of Amsterdam, Prague, Munich (albeit just for dinner), Lake Bled, Venice, Rome and Seville. These cities both familiar and previously unheard of will no doubt provide the memories and photographs I’m yearning for. Speaking of photos, Instagram proved to be an absolute gem whilst researching and shortlisting places to go to. I had never heard of Lake Bled until picture after perfect picture kept appearing under the Interrailing hashtag and lo and behold it’s probably now the place I’m most excited to visit.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles.
Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

I’d love to hear about anyone else who may be InterRailing in 2014. With limited time we’re trying to plan as much as we can to ensure we don’t miss out on the best places (read-food) whilst still allowing time for spontaneity (read- effects of too much wine.) Partly joking. A tight schedule doesn’t allow much time for lie ins but with places like the infamous Hemingway Bar beckoning one or two exceptions may have to be made. Maybe. Or maybe we’ll just drink more perfectly continental coffee those mornings. So much to see, so little time.

Can we leave yet?

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  1. Can I come ?
    I’d be really useful at dinner in Munich….or should I say Munchen ?
    Excited for you both x

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