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Finally it’s June! I’m so happy. June is always a Birthday/celebration filled month for me (read- expensive) and this year it’s made even more exciting by the fact our Europe trip starts in less than 2 weeks. WOW. We have been InterRail planning for nothing short of a year so that first flight out of here on the 15th can’t come soon enough.

We found this awesome card at a shop in Peckham at the weekend. Typography love.
Unrelated, but we found this awesome card at a shop in Peckham at the weekend. Typography love.

I’ve got a whole special post lined up on this for a later date but another event that’s been keeping me busy for the last 6 months has been the planning and organisation of Tom’s 30th Birthday party which happens the day before we set off to Amsterdam. I knew all the years of being the designated “event organiser” would come in useful one day. Working with Tom and his parents we’ve been preparing, crafting, scheming and visualising everything for the party for months and I’m so thankful now that with mere days left most things are in place and ready to go. I can’t wait to document the party starting next week with the final preparation and (fingers crossed) see all the hard work pay off.

InterRail planning has been all consuming lately and I think our Europe schedule is just about complete. There’s nothing worse than an over meticulous itinerary on trips like these but I was adamant that due to the limited time we have in most locations we’d at least get to see, experience and taste a true portion of each city. Cue hours on Trip Advisor eagerly hunting out the best authentic Roman restaurant. No time for tourist traps here.  During my research I’ve found some amazing activities and if the budget/time allowed for it I’m sure we’d be taking part in lots of quirky trips and tours; here are a few I’ve found that may be of interest to future visitors too-

Prague- Trap A real life puzzle game where you have 60 minutes to  escape a room. This terrifies me and my lack of logic but I know it’s the prefect activity for my logic game loving companion.

Lake Bled- Emerald River Adventure It says it’s the best day ever on the website so it must be true. I’m just beyond excited for a day in the mountains, swimming in waterfalls and getting to white water raft which is something I have wanted to do forever. Mega squeals all round.

Venice- Row Venice Why pay for an overpriced gondola ride when you can learn to row one yourself? This is amazing. I can’t even control a rowing boat along the Thames in Richmond so I’m not rating my chances of success with this Italian endeavour. Pass the Prosecco; I’ll watch whilst Tom rows. Perfect.

InterRail Eu are lovely people and agreed to my request of sending the super cute wristbands and travel passes that were previously omitted from our initial ticket package. I can’t wait to revert back to being a 19 year old at a summer camp and wear my wristband as the latest fashion accessory (definitely  in need of a friendship bracelet or two to accompany it) on our journey. We pick up our rucksacks this weekend so next week’s challenge will be to complete the packing, panic about packing, re pack and eventually answer that age old pressing question- exactly how many maxi dresses does one girl need for  such an adventure?


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