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Halloween Pumpkins

Another year another questionable choice to draw inspiration from Pinterest and replicate a Halloween pumpkin design probably originally completed by an artist or, as Tom suggested, Photoshop. Following on from last year’s Grumpy Cat I opted for a classic spooky rat for my main feature. Festive. I chose this because I like to willingly test my patience and ability to carve out whiskers without having a slip-of-the-knife induced breakdown. Tom chose the creepy typography based option and we then took great pleasure from drilling many, many holes into an unsuspecting white pumpkin. Great stress reliever. Drills are brilliant.

So- Halloween pumpkins 2014 edition. Every year mid carve I question when the traditional triangles became so undesirable and yet here’s betting next year I again forget this and again persevere with a design that’s aways teetering on the verge of becoming a first class Pinstrosity. Until then, Happy Halloween!

Rat Pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin Carvings
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